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Need non-over-the-head harness

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I should know this....but I can't think of what type of harness to use for Ollie that I don't have to slip over his head. We go on LONG walks and he's a puller so I need something comfy and sturdy. I'm not big on step in harnesses for long walks because I'm afraid it will chafe around his legs. Anything like a Puppia or an "H" style that slips over the head he is afraid of and, honestly, it's a battle I just don't have time (or patience) to train him out of right now.

Any suggestions??
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Have you tried the front clip harnesses? Premiere makes one and so does a company called Sensation. I recently bought one for Cadeau and I prefer it to the other types of harnesses I have used with him.

The one I have is the one made by premiere (easy-walk) and it is easy to put on without having to go over the head. I do not know for sure the sensation works in the same way, but I heard it recommended this weekend at Cadeau's camp.
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