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Or she might totally get offended and deny everything. The tough part is that you guys own your places...I don't think she is going to stop smoking pot neighbors had friends over and they were smoking pot...I had to close all of the windows on that side of the house and blast my air cleaner (I don't have central air) and finally the smell went away. I don't even want to think about what I would have to do if they continued that. I know you want to be on good terms with a neighbor, but then again, do you want to be sucking in toxic/illegal fumes and getting a second-hand high? Not me. I would also approach her in a friendly manner. I would go and introduce myself first, wait a day or so, then go back and bring it up. You don't want the first conversation you have with her to be negative...or, you could say that you have been smelling pot, it makes you feel physically sick, and does she know who it might be because it has been very recent. Maybe she will take the HINT and do it somewhere else.

I hate confrontation. I like to hint things first, then go hard core.

Just my opinion!

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