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Has anyone ever had to have exploratory surgery when having your puppy neutered? I purchased my puppy last Friday and I took him to the Vet. to arrange for the neutering and he said that Bijou will have to have a more serious surgery than just a simple neutering. Has anyone else had to go through this? I guess this would have definitely disqualified him for show/stud purposes. Please help. He is due for surgery on August 18th.
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Pippin also had an undescended testicle. When I brought him home, my vet said that it was possible he was either retracting it because he was scared or that if it was undescended it was possible that it would come down on its own. Well, it never did so he ended up with two little incisions instead of one. It was $50 for the extra procedure to find the testicle, and he recovered in no time flat. So no worries, everything will be fine.
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