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Originally posted by 15 2005, 06:39 PM
When your breeders vet did his exam he deffinately would have realized that the testicles weren't decended. Was it on your health certificate? Aside from that every breeder checks on their own. If you weren't informed of this before you purchased your pup you should talk to your breeder and find out why. This will cost more than a normal neutering and your breeder should cover the difference in my opinion. That would be the only ethical thing to do. I hope everything goes well for you and your baby.

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I agree that an ethical breeder should have reduced the price of the pup by the difference for the neuter. My daughter got a cat who had this problem. It was $200 for the neuter which was twice the cost of a normal neuter. So, if this were the case with you, the breeder should pay $100 for the neuter.
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