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Originally posted by FannyMay@Feb 10 2005, 01:07 PM
John and I got a new gate last night to replace our old bent pain in the butt one.  The old one...

We used to have to step over it every time we wanted to go outside or come inside and we have tripped over it many times so it bent and we had to bend it back into shape.  It's seen better days.  Anyway our new gate...

Now we don't have to step over! 
  And she can't fit through the bars!  I am so happy with this new gate!  I looked all over for a kind like this.  The one that I decided I liked was plastic but when we saw this in the store yesterday we fell in love and had to have it!  We put it up as soon as we got home and we just LOVE it!  I just wanted to share my joy!

Of course as soon as I opened the gate she had to go right for that piece of fuzz!!  That's my little Hoover!
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Jodi, is the gate mounted with screws or is it tension mounted? Does it expand or come in a larger size? I love the look of this. Where did you find it?
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