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New here, getting my 1st Maltese in Nov.

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Hi to all. First, I've been enjoying this site for about two weeks. I feel I have gained so much information that has been extremely helpful in my search for a puppy. Let me introduce myself...we have three children (all school aged and old enough to understand the delicate nature of the breed. We are getting our first Maltese in November. I have spent quite some time researching the breed and have found a very reputable breeder who also shows her dogs. We have two friends who have gotten their dogs (Maltese) from this same person, and their dogs are exactly what we are looking for as well. The mother of our pup is the sister of our friend's I think that makes our dog her niece? The breeder owns the mother and co-owns the father with another breeder. Both have won a few titles (although I cannot remember what they are off the top of my head.) We do not intend to show our dog, just enjoy her as a member of our family. We will be meeting the mother and father when we meet our pup in a few weeks....we won't be taking her home though until she is at least 12 weeks and 2 pounds. The breeder won't release her until she has met both.

I really don't have any questions at this point...most of them have been asked and answered on this forum! I am really glad I found this site and I look forward to sharing our new puppy updates.
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Welcome to Spoiled Maltese and congrats on the puppy!
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