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Originally posted by Carrie@Aug 27 2004, 06:10 PM
WOW!  What a warm welocme!    :D 
Well, in addition to my Massimo I have another dog - Jasper, my Irish Setter.  When I was 19 (I'm 26 now) my father who was a breeder of Irish Setters gave her to me as a Christmas persent.  My father past away March of 03, and for that reason Jasper means the world to me.  Of course I didnt think that just after I got her, she was a very rambunctious pup-  I came home from work about a week after I had her, and they only thing left of my newly purchased queen mattress was the SPRINGS!  (and of course the horrible foam mess through out the house)  In the time I've had her, she's eaten about 13 pairs of shoes, an oak end table, gotten into the refrigerator (and eaten just about everything she could get into) and stolen our hearts.  Now, being an older dog, I couldn't ask for more.  She's extremely intelligent and obedient and a true part of the family.  The story on Massimo- I had seen Maltese before, in dog shows, and I was always taken by them.  I read a few books on them and I did some research on the internet, and found that they weren't only beautiful, they were, pretty much, the perfect dog!  So I told my husband I wanted one, showed him what they were on the internet and made him sit through dog shows-  He was a "BIG DOG" lover and didn't want the froo-froo kind.  What did he call them....oh yeah "An expensive fur covered kidney that barked" ...But after he bought Massimo for me(for our anniversary), and I'm proud to say- he has been converted to a Maltese lover. 
I am a mother of 2 biological children as well, my daughter Morgan is the oldest and will be starting her first year of kindergarten (GASP) this September, and my son, Ashton will be 3 in October.  I know what you all are thinking-  OMG!  She has young children AND a Malt!  Deadly combo, right?  Nope....and not because I have the best behaved children in the world, it's because they're the most loving.  I think mostly because they were raised around baby animals (My father's setters and the stray cat's kittens under the porch)...  At first I was kinda scared, but right now I am a stay at home mom and they are ALWAYS supervised. 
  That was a LOT of info!!  Sorry for the rambling! 
Anyway, thanks for such a warm welcome!!
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I'm not sure i'm doing this reply thing the right way but BELIEVE ME Maltese and young children are a beautiful combo if your kids are taught to treat all animals with love and compasion. More power to you.
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