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Hi all! I'm new to the forum, I should be getting a new maltese in the next couple weeks, just waiting until he's old enough. I've grown up with 2 maltese and love the breed so glad I'm in good company here :)

I do have a question right off the bat. My breeder sent me pictures of my pup. You can see in the pictures that one eye has a full black eye rim and hair, and the other has a light partial eyeliner, still mostly pink and there is a lack of hair growth so one eye looks bigger than the other. My question is whether you think that the black eyeliner and hair will fully grow in on the right eye? He's currently 9 weeks old and the breeder is telling me it will. Both parents have black eyeliner.
IMG-4050.JPG IMG-4049.JPG IMG-4048.JPG
Thanks all your forum has been so helpful already so glad I've joined.


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