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New pics of the girls - it's been a while

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I took some new pics of Sophie and Annie and thought I would share. Annie was spotless until we went outside - that girl can find dirt anywhere and I mean anywhere! lol So her face is still wet. And, I don't know why but she's not very photogenic - she is adorable in person!!! lol

I love these two so much!!! Thanks for looking!


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I think both your girls are very photogenic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pics :)
Linda, the girls are adorable, I love the pictures of them together. That first picture is just to cute:wub: looks like she has a grin on her face.
B&B just isn't photogenic either, drives me crazy.
They're both simply adorable! I like your name choice too! ;)
Oh, they are so cute! :wub:
One of my dogs loves the flash--the others don't. Thank heavens for digital cameras, because only about 1 in 5 of my pictures is worth looking at, if that much!

Your dogs are very good to pose for you! :wub:
Gorgeous pictures ! I'm sure those little dolls are spoiled with lots of love!
Oh, they look adorable in their pictures.:wub: Love the red background.....I know what you mean by taking pictures. I took 53 snaps of Rain the other day and got 3 presentable pics. I am not a photographer and I don't like picture taking but it is the only way to freeze time for my babies, so I keep doing it!! lol!!!
She is super adorable in pictures too (Annie) AND Sophie whom I missed seeing so much !!!!! Finally, I get to see their precious faces! Thank you so much for sharing :D you just made my morning with these two innocent faces... I love the pink background too ;)

Oh, they are sooooo precious! Your girls are just darling! :wub::wub:
It's nice to see your girlies again. Post more!
They looks absolutely beautiful. Their cuts are nice too! :wub::wub::wub:
they r photogenic!! too cute!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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