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Thanks everyone. I didn't get to comment on any of the pictures this morning as we were running out the door for church.
We took Fantasia for a walk yesterday (she was mostly carried lol) and we realized it was really cold out! So when we were at Target John spotted this nice coat and saw it was on Clearance and they only had one left in her size (med)! It was reduced even more since it had been returned so we got it for like $11. I love Target! Her coat is a little big on her but that's because she's 15 inches and that's the smallest size of that coat. The smaller size down was for the max of 14 inches. She doesn't like things touching her belly though so having it bigger is better. It even has a hole in the top for a leash so I can put her harness on under the coat.
When I was suppose to be looking for band aids I wandered into the barest section and found those bows! They only had yellow and even though you can't see yellow as well on a white dog, I still think they look cute. They were only $1.69. I was looking for a red or black or something but these are still cute. She was actually “dancing” in that picture but she danced out of frame on the right side so the picture cut off part of her right side. I cropped out her belly and the left side of her face so it looks better.
Her nose is a lot pinker now than in her earlier pictures (John and I noticed this a few days ago) so I will bring that up to the vet next time we see him.
She has also had static cling hair!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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