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Sorry about the picture quality,will get better piccie soon. I'm working a reliquary. It's a rough idea but I will be refining it before I do it in silver or gold.
A reliquary is a container to hold your most precious memories or treasures,such as fur from your fluff or cremains. I plan to do them with a little silver or gold casting of a doggie face,like the one shown ,is a cocker which contains the fur from my cocker Amy.
It will be designed to wear on a chain or whatever the wearer wishes to place it on.
This is just a rough prototype only,it has a wax cocker face ,that's why it looks a little rough,but the finished ones will be a much nicer casting.... This one is approx and inch long,3/4 inch wide and a little over 1/4 thick,it's open inside,like a deep locket.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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