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New Rally Title!

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Jax and I went up to Redwood City this weekend to compete in an APDT Rally Trial. We got our 3rd (and 4th) Qualifying Legs. With the 3rd he received his RL1 title and added to his alphabet soup :thumbsup:

Richelieu's White Tornado RL1 RN CGC
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Yay Jax!!! He is just amazing at his obedience/rally/etc. Yay to you, too, for being such a great trainer! :)
Congratulations!! That's really impressive..he seems to be proud of his win too in those photos!
Aw, Mandy, Jax looks so proud of himself! Congratulations to you both! Did you have anyone take any videos???? Would love to see him in action!

Thanks guys! I am so proud of my little man!

Linda - I got someone to take a video of our second run. Jax did not want to do his downs and was a bit slow, but did good. He also decided he did not want to break his stay on the bonus to do his recall. Silly boy! He's come a very long way from his crazy reactive behavior. Our next goal is Level 2 in October which is offleash and WAY fun!

WTG!!!! Loved the video. Silly Jax.
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Woohoo!!!! Go Jax Man!!!!
You know, the boys are tied for titles now....we better get cracking!
I LOVE Jax! Way to go good boy!
Fantastic job!!! I enjoyed the video very much too!!!!!
Congrats!!!! Very COOL
Congratulations to both of you!! :you rock: Great job. Jax looks so happy too in those photos.:wub:
Ohhh well done :) What a great job. That was too cute when he didn't want to break his stay.

It seems particularly fitting to see this video of yours today after spending 5 HOURS with a trainer for Lola and I. We are both exhausted.
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