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New Shelter Challenge - NOW!

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4 Days to the New Shelter Challenge!! Get your computers ready, and stay tuned! :chili:

If anyone has ANY ideas about voting in this challenge please feel free to share - we have 4 days to toss around ideas. The links posted in the last challenge were NMR located in Wisconsin, and AMR located in California. Is there a central location for each of them that can be posted for this challenge? I know NMR has regional areas, does AMR as well? I'd like to see concentrated voting to the MAIN rescue this time. This way it would have a synergistic effect. Thanks in advance!
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I must be stupid. I cannot find the vote button. I put in Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. Racine, WI pressed the search button and it comes back saying 0 shelters found.
Sorry guys I tried.
First you have to click the food donation button, then after that up at the top is a small button with a baseball on it that mentions the voting. Click that, then put in maltese, and racine wi and once that group comes up the vote button is there. Then you have to type in the name of the animal in the picture to confirm your vote. Hope this helps. :)

Ok, it worked this time. Lol, they put a horse who looked like a cow and I almost put cow in.
I am english challenged ! so please challenge website don't make me take a dictionary to answer your question. A pork and a pig are the same animal for me. :smpullhair:
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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