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The idea that came to my mind after reading your above reply post:
You said she looks outside longingly when she has to pee. Perhaps bring a puppy pad outside when you know she needs to go (put a little of her pee on it as attraction). At first you could even make a small confinement around it so she can't roam far. Have treats in hand and as soon as she squats softly say "good girl" "good girl." When she is done give her a treat and lots of praise/fuss. Once she is used to going on the pad outside I'm thinking she will be more likely to use it indoors too. Just an idea.

Also, make sure you meticulously clean all areas where she has peed in the house. Dogs have amazing smell and will be attracted to go again in areas previously used to pee. She may be thinking your house is her pee pad which is not acceptable. if none of the above ideas work - I'd go back to square one and do crate training allowing her out freely in your home only after she has gone pee (where you want her to go) and only when you can watch her very carefully. Have patience she will get it. Please keep us updated.
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I agree with the confinement part. I had a child gate I used to train my little fluff ball. She now does really well! I use a litter box though and I always felt like it provided my dogs with clear lines of fire, if you will. I am attaching her set up in the beginning. I do think with all the changes your baby has it, it could take a little time. My dog also thrives on positive attention, and cookies. I guess who really doesn't. I hope this helps. Excuse her scruffyness. She had just eaten and I hadn't washed her face yet:)
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