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New to the Maltese Family

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We have a 12 week old Maltese added to our family. Her name is Hannah and very loving. Right now she weighs 3lbs. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how big their Maltese is? I was wondering how big Hannah was going to get. We have a 5 year old pom that is 9lbs and stands about 10 inches to his shoulders. I am trying to prepare my kids for the size that Hannah will get but I'm not sure what to tell them. Any information to help my out with Hannah will be appreciated.

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Do you know the size of Hannah's sire and dam? The Maltese breed standard falls between 4-7 pounds, but generally the size is determined by genetics.
We have a puppy weight chart that is not exact science but only a reference chart. According to her being 3lbs at 12 weeks it show she will be about 6 1/2 lbs full grown.
Welcome to Spoiled Maltese! It's great that you found us here, and hopefully we will be able to answer all of your questions.

As far as what size Hannah will get, the AKC breed standard calls for all Maltese to weigh under 7lbs, with 4-6lbs preferred. Obviously not all Maltese will fall into this weight range because of genetics, so having a puppy from a reputable show breeder gives you better odds at having a puppy in the weight range standard.

If Hannah does not happen to be from a show breeder, she may end up larger but there is no true way to tell how big she will get. How much did her parents weigh? If she is 3lbs now at 12 weeks, I would estimate her to be at the larger end of the standard (7lbs) or slightly higher than that, but this is only a personal estimate with no science behind it.
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Hi and welcome to the forum. I love your little girl's name, especially because it reminds me of Sue's adorable Hannah. I look forward to meeting your Hannah in pictures :)

This thread will be very useful for you regarding weight of the maltese here

I would suggest you ask the breeder of your little one. She/he will know best.
Welcome to SM!! Your baby will luckily be on the larger size of the standard. She needs to be on a level playing field with your pom! :D

Please post pictures so that we can see your precious baby! :wub:
hi and welcome! Looking forward to seeing pics of your baby!!
:happy::Welcome 2: So glad you have joined SM... we look forward to pictures! Jeanne
Hi and Welcome....hope to see pics of your little one!!!:wub:
welcome to sm !! u will love it here .. we wanna see pics!!!
Welcome! :)
Hi! and Welcome! It's hard to know how big or small your malt will be without knowing his pedigree....

I have a male who was 2 lbs at 12 weeks old....6 1/2 years later he is 10 lbs.

You'll have to wait till he's grown up before you'll know.....too many veriables.

I also have a 3 lb malt who is almost 2 years old.....

and a 6 lb girl who is 5 1/2 years old...
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