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Hi everyone!! I'm soo glad I fiund this site. :D ( I got banned from the "other" site & did a google search for other maltese forums & found this one!!) I'm Brenda & I have 3 Maltese( Kinsey, Cuddles & Ms. Independent), a toy poodle(Snuggles) a mixed breed (Venus) & my son has a Rottweiler (Apollo.) I've had Kinsey & Snuggles for 2 years. Kinsey had a litter of pups on July 19 & that's why I was looking for a forum. I wanted to know every thing I possibly could about pregnancy, birth, raising them, etc. I read alot of books but it's also helpful to ask questions of other owners. Kinsey had 3 BEAUTIFUL babies, 2 girls & 1 boy. I ended up keeping the boy & the small girl because I just fell in love with them!! (ALL of them, but I gave Dynamo, the big girl to my son's girlfriend's aunt.) This was my first time breeding her & I have learned ALOT!!
I'll post that story under another topic. Once again, I am soo glad I found this site!!

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Originally posted by I_Luv_My_Puppies@Nov 20 2005, 08:17 PM
A couple of my dogs aren't Maltese. I won't get banned will I?? (I'll try not to talk about them, tho!!)
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Nope, this is SM, not MO!!

As you can tell, we have categories (Forums) for our posts. The Picture Posts category and the Anything Goes category will be the perfect place to talk about and post pictures of your other pets!

For instructions on how to post pictures, there is a link at the very top, just under the banner ads, "How to Post Pics". If you have any questions, just ask!
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