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New to this website

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Hello everyone nice to be here I was a closet lurker :) I have two dog's currently.

My first one is a German Shepard named Reggie whom is almost 13 years old who is a wonderful old guy with the most incredible soul. After his sister left us last year for the rainbow bridge Reggie had a huge void to fill in his empty heart incoming Max!!!!!

Max was bought from a "VERY bad situation as a puppy and we have been through a lot at the start of his young life last year with him, but pleased to say he was worth every cent of it and More!

Max is your typical BYB so I was at first hesitant to join this board as a member as seeing how wonderful all the well breed ones and was not sure would be welcomed. I tend to always take that one dog no one wanted or that "Problem dog or might need a special care"

He is 1 years and 3 month's old now and the love of our lives! Reggie and Max are best of buddies. Max completed four 8 week's of obedience training and agility is his next class starting in a couple week's. He got a small taste of it and LOVED it!

He is a scrappy little guy and love all that same time, no one told him he is small dog so we don't either and expose him to as much as we did our Shepard's.

We are just growing him back to a full coat now so please excuse his awkward stage as he look's like a giant cotton ball hehe.

Hope to meet some great people and learn some info also. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.
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I can't think of one person on here that would hold it against Max for being a BYB! As a matter of fact, Mex, meet Vi, who was a puppy mill breeder! I rescued her from the PM she was raise inf or the first 3 years of her life, and not ONE person here was negitive about it! The people on here are amazing and just super friendly people. I know you and Max & Reggie will be welcomed with open arms!!


Glad you joined :)
Thank you so much! I am seeing some very familiar names which is wonderful are just starting our journey on looking for another baby when we find the right breeder as our old guy well :crying::crying:and would like to be prepared.
Is that Max in your avatar? He's very cute!
Is that Max in your avatar? He's very cute!
Yes, my camera was broken so was using my Blackberry for pictures but he had just got "dressed" for his Forth of July party. Just a little scarf with star's and stripes as the weather was hot.

We attended a all day festival with a few band's , food and ton's of people selling all sorts of thing's he did great during the firework's would look up at the sky and watch and just flinch during the loud bang's. He did wonderful for being at such a huge event and fireworks.

Max said thank you for the compliment :)
:Welcome 3: We don't care that he's a BYB. We love ALL maltese!! and even other fluffs... lol we're not picky! I know you'll love it here :D
Welcome! Where in Illinois are you? There are a number of us in the Chicago area as well as a few from downstate.

And, Max is a cutie!
:Welcome 4: Bless you for taking your baby out of a bad situation and into a loving home...
Welcome to SM............just don't forget where "home" is!:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
Welcome!! We love pictures. We had a Shepard before Lilly. They are great, smart dogs but I could not take the dog hair and big p**p anymore.
We're delighted that you are here and look forward to hearing more from you! :Welcome 3:
Welcome to Spoiled Maltese! It's nice to meet you and Max.

I've got the gammet...Archie is from a pet store, Abbey from a small breeder, Tinker directly from a puppy mill and Ava from a reputable breeder.

I love them all just the same.

Looking forward to hearing more about Max and seeing pictures.
Welcome,we all have Malts from all sorts of sources.Two of mine came froom a BYB and two came from rescue and my cocker came from a pet store. Many of us bought from BYB's not knowing they were BYB's. So your Malt came come from a top shelf show breeder of a local pound,they're all loved here.

We also had a German Shepherd named Gtechen,she was almost 13 when she died,such a sweet girl and gentle. I miss her so much. She was so good w/ smaller dogs and cats too. She used to cuddle up w/ our 3 male cats,we called them her male harem...
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:"Abbey from a small breeder"---I love the puns we make here!

Welcome!:SM Rocks!: You are going to love it here and I know we will love your baby! and your big guy!
Welcome Maggie. Thanks so much for giving Max a home. It sounds like he's come such a long way and love that you're going into agility. He must be quite a little (tell him big:) guy. Sorry you lost Reggie's sister but so glad Max came into your lives. We love everyone's dogs here no matter where they came from tho I think we do have an extra soft spot for rescues. Hope you find lots of info here, fun and support. Glad you stopped lurking and started posting. But one thing --- MORE PICTURES PLEASE. These old eyes can barely see an avatar picture.:blink:
welcome to sm to u , reggie n max , and dont feel bad cause dolce . ,.. even though i thought i was buying him from a reputable breeder it seems he came from a byb as well , and u know what to me he is perfect , everyone here is awesome n i feel like ive found my fam here .. mind u im a newbie and i cant stop posting .. hehe cant wait to see more pics!!
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