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We did a long overdue revamp of our homepage. Ended up being an all nighter, which I am tooo old for anymore...LOL We started at 10 pm at night and finished at 10 am Saturday morning. Way too long but am pleased with the results so it was worth it.

Few highlights ~ All of these icons are part of a banner right underneath our Halloween Collage and are linked to that section.

HotLink-Whats-New.jpg HotLink-Sales-Promotions.jpg HotLink-12-Doggie-Days-of-Christmas.jpg

What's New is where you can find the newest products we have added to our site.

Sales & Promotions is where you will find sales priced items. Each month we feature a Monthly Promotion with special pricing. We also have an Inventory Clearance Dept where you can find some great deals on products we have left in inventory that we need to turn over and make room for new products.

Last but not least, our 12 Days of Christmas feature. Even if you are not shopping we have some adorable pics of dogs assigned to each day. For shoppers, this is where we highlight the Best Products for the Holiday season.
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