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hello everyone. i'm new here on the boards i'm sooooooooooo excited and happy to have found this forum. you guys are just awesome with the information and omg! the furbabies are just to die for. i've wanted a puppy for so long and i've decided that now is the time. i'm doing my research, and getting things ready in hopes of welcoming a baby home anytime after june.
i live in northern california and would prefer to adopt from a reputable breeder in california but wont mind getting one from outta town. i've fallen in love with the puppies from bonnie palmer's angels, ta-jon, macris and crisman i also like chalet de maltese but dunno how to get in contact with them since their website is non existent. please i need all the advice i can get because i've never owned a puppy let alone a maltese. i'm a bit conflicted b/w boy or girl because i'd like to dress my baby up. i'll greatly appreciate suggestions. thanks
:chili: WELCOME TO SM!! :chili:

Good luck in your search!! Chalet has retired and is not breeding any longer.
Go to the show and meet the breeders there. Pat Keene is a great breeder. You have several wonderful breeders in California.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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