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Welcome Mandy ! Try to go to the shows. Get to talk to the ownerw/handlers/breeders...look at great quality dogs. In the mean time shop for your puppy stuff. The shows have many vendors and lots of the top grooming products..... including combs. brushes, shampoos, conditioners, etc plus crates and beds and harnesses, clothes and BLING!

You should also consider a young thru our rescue section and find out what pups are available. They have very reasonably priced Maltese in California rescues.

You will have a fun time. Stacy will let you know when the shows are ! Bring a lawn chair to the outdoor shows and sit with the Maltese lovers ringside. Its a fun time and usually free or a nominal parking fee or entry fee. In FL where I live its one or the other but very inexpensive and a great day out ( if you love dogs)

And read read read this site. Be prepared to have a bunch of "stuff" for your new fluffybaby so it has a safe and comfy transition. Learn all you can about good foods and potty training too.......

And most of all WELCOME TO SM !
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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