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Newbie looking for help

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Hello everyone. I am new at the world of Maltese (but had dogs before) and would love your help. We are getting a 2 month puppy from a private birth, and the person who sells him sent us the following photos of the cute pup. We were wondering if he is a purebreed Maltese..??

If you can tell, please let me know. We are meeting the pup in person soon and we'd like to know beforehand.

The only real reason it matters to us, is because we'd like the dog to be small in size (Maltese size) when he grows up.

Thank you in advance xx

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Companion dog Fawn
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn


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If you don't have papers of both parents from the Canadian Kennel Club (and trust the papers), the only way to tell would be by a DNA test.

The other dog in the pictures seems to have a terrier type ear, so that would make me a bit suspicious. It looks cute, though.

How much does the puppy weigh now?

And how important to you is it to get a purebred and support a reputable breeder of purebred Maltese?
He does look maltese although w/wider-set eyes. Pigment is good. He looks a very healthy size. I agree w/mss above in regard to DNA testing as your only sure bet. Maybe getting a dog from a reputable established breeder would give you more of what you want!
Agree with both of these comments. Plus, I hope the breeder is keeping the puppy for at least another month. At two months, because they are so tine, Maltese are barely weaned and not yet ready to be away from their mother so for the best possible start, the American Maltese Association's Code of Ethics for breeders requires they keep the puppies until at least 12 weeks. I realize you're in Canada, but 12 weeks is still the best way to get your puppy off to a healthy start.
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