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Last night I was playing with Secret and she was being especially "sassy" and so I began calling her Sassy Secret.

Although these are not necessarily the nicknames that I call the fluffs (for example, Lacie's nickname is Oodie Boodie -- don't ask me why), I love alliteration and began thinking of alliteration nicknames for each of my girls.

Here's what I've come up with as my top 3 favorites for each one:

1. Lovely Little Lacie
2. Lacie Loo (actually this is what my stepdaughter calls Lacie)
3. Lazy Lacie

1. Tilly The Twit
2. Tomboy Tilly
3. Terrible Tilly (when she's naughty)

1. Sassy Secret
2. Silly Secret
3. Sweet Secret

So think about your fluff's name, and then see what you can come up with as an alliteration nickname. Have fun. :thumbsup:

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Oh I have soooooooooooooooo many. Always did for my babies.

Mia: Princess Mia
Mom Mom
Wittle girl
Baby girl

Little man
Little Lover
Little Stinker
Mom Mom

and whatever else may come out when I am talking with them. Amazing they still know their real names.

My sweet little Kara (RIP)

I always called her little Mommy. Bless her, I think I confused her. I would say, where's Daddy, and she would be so happy and proud and run to him.

And then I would say, Where's Mommy, poor little thing would look so confused, tilt her little head, and give a look, Mom, I'm little Mommy.

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I haven't used any alliteration names with my girls,
but I do use rhyming!
Paris is: Pear-Bear
And Coco is Coco-Loco
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