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Nissa got to try out the new tractor.

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My sister and her husband had their new tractor delivered while we were visiting over the weekend and Nissa just had to check it out. She is also showing off her new sweatshirt from my sons recent visit to Cornell. Amazes me how even the colleges cater to the dogs. :chili:


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What a little cutie pie!!! Love the tshirt!!!
That Nissa can do EVERYTHING!! She can even drive a tractor and look ravishing in red at the same time! I don't think I've ever seen anyone I would consider looking ravishing while driving a tractor before.:thumbsup:
Adorable! She looks like she's totally in control of that tractor..she owns it! lol.
Nissa are you a little farm girl at heart? You look so cute in your Cornell sweatshirt. Pretty in red! Looks like you had a fun weekend.
Look at Miss Hollywood........she can handle anything!!! Looks fabulous on that tractor......and she even does the bucket thing too~~love the lilacs!!!
Nissa - you're a girl after my own heart. When I was younger there was nothing I liked better than to ride around the farm on our Massey Ferguson with my brother or cousins driving. (Am I dating myself, or what?). But you definitely looked much more fashionable than I did. :blush:
Go Cornell.:chili:
Wowzaa! Nissa can even drive a tractor!
The third pic is hilarious!
What is Nissa going to take at Cornell?
I love how her sweater matches the tractor! Too cute!!
She's adorable! Now I can't get the theme song from "Green Acres" out of my head! lol

awwwh too CUTE .. she looks soooo tiny on that tracktor ^_^

Are you sure she's not Sue Ellen at Southfork?
I love the Cornell sweatshirt! That's awesome!
Wow, Nissa looks so cute in the red Cornell T-Shirt, Kim! She's a great model!

Alexandra :wub:
And whoever said tractors were for boys. Nissa you ROCK girlfriend! And Kim...I can't believe your son got her a Cornell sweatshirt! OMG....that is the sweetest thing!

Nissa even matches the TRACTOR!

Way too cute! Nissa looks like she knows what she is doing!
how cool is that ! adorable , love her cornell tee.
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