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Sad to say but my daughter did not get to show Abbey at our local fair. She was the only Maltese signed up and would have gotten a guaranteed blue ribbon, too! My daughter was sooo disappointed! She has always shown my sister's horse at the fair in the past but the horse is now too old ~ so we thought we'd show Abbey. Well, all Abbey did was bark and bark and bark at the other dogs. She wouldn't quit yapping!
So, we took her home because we knew she was getting stressed. There were not very many toy dogs there and now I guess I know why. There was a bichon frise, two yorkies, and a few jack russells. None of these dogs were barking at all! They were laying around relaxed and calm!

My question is: Would obedience class help with this? or do these dogs just bark at other dogs? My daughter is wanting to join 4-H next year and put Abbey through their obedience class and try to show her next summer. Do you think waiting a year for obedience class is too late? Abbey is 7 months old.

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