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I have exactly the same thing with Angel-she mats a day after a brush out-it's very frustrating,(and my three kids are known for the famous "matting massage" that gentle rub that she loves-kills her fur) but I'm at the point where I have resigned myself to keeping her body fur short-VERY short, and her legs and tail long and feathery-they don't seem to mat!! (Think Chinese Crested-we call her Angel-san)

I do it at home because the groomer seems to think her ears and head need a short cut too...and they are fine with a combing-I like my girl in bows!!

I have my daughter hold her butt in the air while I trim her rear-it takes a few seconds, and the rest is accomplished in just a few minutes.......

Now if I could only convince her that the soapy water is yucky.
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