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I have never even tried to groom Miko - never even bought scissors or clippers. I do brush him and give him bath weekly and he actually behaves really well for those but without even trying, I just figured that he wasn't going to like me cutting his hair so I left it up to professionals.

Unfortunately we take him to groomers every 3 months or so at which point he tends to get a short cut (depending on how busy mommy has been with school which =matts) and then it grows out till next cut. His hair is about 2 inches now but unfortunately I am going to do some rotations/externships in San Francisco for next 2 months and Miko will be living with his daddy in Santa Barbara and since daddy is not into brushing (but rather playing) with Miko, we have to cut his hair. I can't believe I will be living apart from my baby (I will see him on weekends) -- but that's another story!!!!
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