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Originally posted by RubyJeansmom@Oct 3 2005, 06:25 PM
I'm having a hard time brushing Ruby Jean also. She acts like I'm trying to butcher her or something 
  ... she's had a puppy cut all summer because she has that cottony hair also. I want to start growing it out though and I'm going to have to start taking her to a groomer because she just bites at the brush or comb and I can get nothing accomplished!!! 
I have to put her in the sink in order to comb her I just can't do it. Boy they sure do have a mind of their own don't they?

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Same here, Summer started fighting me too
She see me pull out the brush and comb and off she goes
She knows the little rat
Some days worst than others
We go to the groomer 1 x a week I swear after the 3rd day she looks like a little rag muffin .I'm paying 15.00 right now thats just for bath ,brush nails etc.. a week
high maintance
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