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Originally posted by HarleysMum@Oct 3 2005, 07:28 PM
I don't know if this helps or not - but how old are your babies?  Harley is 18 months old & the groomer told me he fussed a little bit with her - I told her he does that when I am trying to brush him sometimes - she said that it was probably his age & he would probably start to throw little 'tantrums' to see how much he can get away with. 

She said it was really important not to let him have these tantrums as each time he gets away with it, he'll just turn it up a knotch next time to 'win'.  Her suggestion was that I just persevere with it because it's his age & the last thing I want him to do is think he's going to get away with it if he just throws a 'tantrum'!

Patience, as always, is the key!  Although I know how you feel & I do give in sometimes - even though I know I'm not supposed to!  I just don't want him to get too upset so I only persist for about 10 minutes.
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I agree with Harley'sMum our furbabys are just like kids, when they don't like
something they test the water and see how far they get, and will keep testing
till either we give up or they realize we won't give up and wether they like it
or not it is going to get done. Cosmo is still young and overall does pretty well
but when it comes to brushing his back legs and around his bumb he is full of
objections, so once in a while I will pick him up to face me, look straight in
his eyes and have a heart to heart talk about this is going to be done wether
you like it or not, and the more you fight me the longer it will take.

Believe it or not he usually settles down. As if he is saying alright fine do it
and get it over with.
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