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No more mrsa for diamond

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We finally got some good news about Diamond last night. The vet got the results of the swab from her wound back, and Diamond no longer has an MRSA infection. We are so thankful that infection has been eliminated.
Unfortunately, Diamond's wound (the hole from the ruptured anal gland) still hasn't healed. However, the vet has a plan of action that does not involve surgery.
They think that there are probably some micro-organisms deep in the tissue under Diamond's wound that live, die then surface through the wound. This sufacing prevents the wound from closing and allows more organism to enter. She will be given two meds: two different types of antibiotics to kill the e coli, doggie staph and the organisims deep in the wound. This will allow the wound to close. We will update on the progress.
We thank everyone for the prayers, good thoughts and suggestions. We are going to get Diamond some vitamin C to help her heal, along with her meds.
Diamond has been a happy little girl through the whole ordeal. I think she only notices something is wrong when her little bum gets itchy and she wants to lick it, but she can't because of the onesie.
(Diamond's Daddy again - not as worried this time)
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Oh that is wonderful news about the MRSA being gone!!!!!:chili: yes, still some healing to be done but sounds like the vet has a good plan in mind. Will be praying it works quickly for your precious little Diamond!!
Thanks so much for keeping us updated!
Great news!! Good that Diamond is in the clear!
Oh that's the best news ever. Still praying for a speedy recovery for your beautiful Diamond.
Oh Diamond's Daddy - what a relief. Such good news finally. Am hoping the new course of drugs will work with the wound. Diamond deserves to be like every little fluff and not have a thing wrong with her. She's been such a little trooper.:wub::wub:
Thank goodness she doesn't have an infection still! That is great news!

I was wondering if perhaps the onesie is actually prohibiting the wound from healing from lack of oxygen or from the onesie rubbing on the wound. I know that bandaids on cuts should only be worn when absolutely necessary, and aired out at night as much as possible so I was thinking if she stuck with an E-collar for a while it may help her wound heal faster. London had to wear an E-collar for several months (on and off) from an infection on her nail, and she got used to it after a couple of days and didn't mind it after that. It was a clear one so she could see through it (lol).
I am just now seeing this.......I feel so good to hear this wonderful news. I have been praying for Diamond!!! I know you both are so thankful hearing that she is clear from MRSA!! Dear sweet Diamond, keep getting better and better! CeeCee and Rain send you love and puppy kisses~~~:wub::wub::wub:
This is absolutely wonderful news ! I so hope the success continues and you see results fast. Be aware that probiotics might help replace normal gut flora and prevent diarrhea from the antibiotics. You can get them in Tractor supply at great prices.
So glad to hear good news - hopefully things will continue to get better! Hugs to you all!
Yes! wonderful news that that infection is gone! I'm happy for you.
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