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non-professional maltese photo shoot

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Twinkle and I decided to spend the day in our backyard. Here are some of my photography attempts =) It is apparently very difficult to get a picture of your maltese while she is in the middle of prancing like a rabbit. Has anybody tried to take professional photos of their dog? Any picture taking advice? I would love professional pictures of my baby!


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Beautiful pictures! Twinkle is so adorable!
I think they all look great! I personally love action shots vs. stiff posed ones but that's just me. She looks very white against the green grass, I love the first one in your second set of pictures - she really looks like she's having so much fun!
Darling! Love the one of her sitting down and that little tongue hanging out!!:wub:
aww I love them!! Twinkle is a sweetheart :wub::wub:
you have such a huge backyard!! :w00t::w00t:
Great job with these pictures! I loved them.
really cute pics! For white dogs I would try to shoot outside when the sun is going down. The color of their fur reaslly sets off the white balance in a photo, so you end up with a really bright halo or squinty eyes! Dogs photograph really nicely inside with a window or glass door in front of them (they sitplay inside, you shoot from outside a open door!), so the natural light gets to them w/ out being to direct! Anyway, really cute pup you have and a beautiful setting!
OMG I love these pics!!!! You need to give ME tips :) You baby girl is adorable!!!
great pics !
well, you did good with these pictures ;) your girl looks sooo happy running and having a blast - love it. and I like these pictures, especially the running ones.

I am not a photographer, but I enjoy photography as one of my hobbies. For action shots, I like to put my cam on a "continuous picture snapping" setting where I can have lots of pictures that are taken by clicking on the snap shot once (hold it in) and cam snaps along in few seconds. The way you hold the camera is also important -better to stay stable; avoid slight shakes- as much as possible). I sometimes also like to use the tripod after standing in a good distance where I can catch my subject (malt for example) in the pic.

oh those are gorgeous photos . . love outdoor photography especially with furbabies enjoying the outdoors :wub: thanks for sharing
Great photos! Twinkle looks like she had loads of fun!
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