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Non-Slip Pad for Bath Time

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Hi all,
I'm just trying to get everything ready before Zoe's arrival on July 20th (so excited :D :D :D). I know that many have mentioned a non-slip bath mat of sorts to use in the tub or sink when bathing your baby. I want to bath her in my tub (since all my sinks are either too rounded or too weird) but I haven't been able to find these mats. Would a towel at the bottom of the tub work or would it slip around?
Where did ya'll buy your mats?
Thanks guys
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i bought some at the 99 cent store near the kitchen stuff. but you should go to bed, bath, and beyond or linens and things or kmart, maybe walmart would have it.

you also need a hose thingy.

i hope this helps. you can even order online if you dont have those places near you.
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I use the matting that you put under throw rugs to keep them from slipping around. They are spongy and dry quickly and can be cut to size.
I just use a towel under Casper it it works great in our sinks. However, we are moving and the sinks look a little slippier so I might need a mat.
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I also use a small hand size towel for bath time.

the girls are fine with a towel too. i tried it with gruffi though------it didnt work too well. he eventually wasnt touching the towel and he stood there as though we were abusing him. <_<
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