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My breeder sent me a little bag of Nupro powdered dog supplement with Brinkley. She said she sprinkled it on their food. I tried it when I brought him home, and he would not eat. So I mixed it with a little water like the directions said, and he wouldn't eat that either. That is when I went to mixing the dry with the canned food, and he ate better.

Well, now I am trying to wean him off the wet food...and just use the dry kibble. I tried the Nupro again, and he eats it now...I mix a teaspoon of it with a tablespoon of water and mix his dry kibble in it.

I was just wondering if anyone else used this. I found the website my breeder buys it from, and it is not that expensive, and should last more than you use.

Unless it is the cats' food, he does not care for plain dry kibble. So hoping this supplement is ok.
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