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If you are looking for a wonderful snuggle nest, check out the famous Millie beds that are made by the Siamese Cat Rescue Center in Virginia.

The pictures don't do them justice. They are beautifully handmade by volunteers and so soft and wonderful I wish they made them in human size! They are very easily washable as the the donut around the outside has a zipper so you can take the fiberfill out for easy washing and drying. And no pellets to worry about.

They are the #1 fundraiser for this wonderful group, named aftre the volunterr who invented them. People donate fleece, fiberfill, Joann shopping cards, then talented volunteers make them up. They even have little sewing bees before the holidays and cat shows!

Sarah and Lily fight over mine. Lady can't get near it, even though they will take her bed!

No two are alike. Siri (Head Honcho of Meezerland) will email you back with available colors and send it right out.

Did I mention it is for a wonderful cause, too? :D
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