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Nya the escape artist in 15 seconds!

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We couldn't figure out how she was getting past the gate until we saw it for ourselves. This little girl is fearless and nothing stops her from getting where she wants to go! :w00t:

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I can't stop watching this video - she's a little firecracker! She's going to keep you on your toes!!! :)
OMG! What a sneaky little girl!! LOL
LOL OMG! that's great!! I'm sure it didn't take her long at all to figure that out. Beauty and brains - gotta love it!
OMG, that is too funny. She reminds me of my little escape artist Noelle who will climb out of the expen.
:HistericalSmiley:I had to watch twice, she's going to keep you on your toes:HistericalSmiley:she really is adorable Kim:wub:
LOL!!! That was great!! (I loved your laughter too at the end!!). She's like a little hamster Houdini!!
OMG that is totally something London would do! lol

She looks so spunky & adorable!
she is just ADORABLE!! I had to watch the video twice too!! hahaha
She is soooooo cute. A determined little girl for sure. :wub: Well you called me Mummy, of course I will come.

Fun to watch, thanks for posting :)
What a sassy little girl she is, Kim!
That video is priceless, can't stop watching it, LOL!

Hamster Houdini LOLOL She's a wiggle worm! Too funny and she's so cute you can't get mad at her.
That was funny! But Oh my gosh, i was scared she would fall through the spindles!!!! :w00t:

That little bugger!!!!! Oh, the joys of puppyhood...:HistericalSmiley:
LOl... she's of the 'where's there's a will....there's a way' mentality LOL She's a cutie for sure!!

Like Pat, I too would be concerned about ther falling thru the spindles, though maybe they are 'tighter' than they look .
OMG that is toooooooooo funny. :HistericalSmiley:

That reminds me of one of the dogs at Nelson's breeder. Only he got over the baby gates, via jumping OVER them hahaha. And Nelson jumps vertical up and down as high AS the baby gate. I said one day once he learns how to go up and over as well, he will be an escape artist too hahahaha
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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