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Nya's first package arrived today!

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Nya was so excited to receive her first package in the mail today! It was a wonderful box FILLED with lots of beautiful things from Jane, Tess, Zoey and Emy! Jane made the most darling bows, the pink dress Nya has on, a harness/leash that matches one I have for Nissa, two DARLING picture frames, a box of treat mix, some cupcake treats and TWO :chili: stuffed toys! It was so wonderful that Nya even decided to cooperate for a picture with all her gifts! :innocent: Thank you soooo much Jane and girls, you are just too thoughtful for words. xoxox :wub:

Is this good Mom? Nissa says I'm not tilting my head right!

The beautiful bows Jane made.
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wow!! look at all those wonderful gifts!
and look at that adorable puppy! perfect!
How do you get your angels to pose for such sweet pictures. I love seeing your girls.

Nya - I bet your not having any trouble getting used to being spoiled rotten are you!

Sigh - still having puppy envy....
Holey Moley, Nya is so pretty and such a lucky little girl to receive such beautiful gifts!
Oh what a wonderful assortment of gifts! and little Nya looks sooo cute :wub:posing with them all!
What wonderful gifts for Nya! The ladies of SM are so thoughtful!
Wow! such great gifts! and little Nya is a natural with the camera, or has Nissa been slipping her some tips on the side? either way, Nya's on her way to becoming a super star herself!
Adorable! Jane is so sweet and thoughtful! :heart:

Little Nya is just so precious! :tender:
Your little doll looks so cute with all her goodies!!
I'm wondering how many seconds after this picture was taken did Nya go running through all those gifts for the treat in your hand Kim :). What a beautiful box of gifts for a beautiful little puppy!
WOW! I think this gives the phrase, "Christmas in July" a whole new meaning. Nya really hit the jackpot. That was very thoughtful of Jane and her girls to send such a nice box. I can see that Nya is well on her way to being a Spoiled Maltese.
Wow Nya you got lots of nice things in your first package. Good job on the bows Jane! You are such a little cutie Nya.
Nya is such a little sweet girl.......she looks unreal in that pic, like a little stuffed animal. Darling, just darling........and such nice gifts!!! Wow!!!!
Wow! Now there's a spoiled little girl!!! :wub: What lovely gifts...I adore that little light pink bird toy!

Nya is so good at posing for the camera already, she looks fearless and full of life!
Wow Nya is sooo cute and boy what a lot of nice gifts, girls are so lucky. Boys dont like the bows, If only my Max would keep one hoo Well I will just have to dream of a girl...someday
:chili: Woohoo!!! Nya is a lucky little girl!!!! What a cool gift!!! :aktion033:

Looking forward to watching her grow up in all her bows and dresses and frolicking with her sister.
Wow how sweet! She looks like a perfect angel!!!
awesome gifts from jane , that is way too sweet , and nya well shes just precious .. !!! love her posing, lil diva !
Nya is officially SPOILED!!!!!! Great gifts! Jane...I didn't know you made bows. Great job!!!!!!

Nya you little cutie, enjoy your presents overload!
Awww, how sweet is that? Nya surrounded of all her wonderful gifts, great shot of her, Kim!

That's very thoughtful of Jane and I like the nice presents she has sent! :aktion033:

Alexandra :wub:
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