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Marisa Obi is so cute I can't stand it!!! What a great reveal and very talented SS you had in Pat. Just adore the vest and Obi looks beyond adorable in all the pics!!!
Thank you, Tracey! we are certainly blessed by Pat and Sassy!

OMG....what great presents Obi got. He really is gorgeous and looks so cute in his clothes. He even looked like he enjoyed modeling. Great pics.... Merry Christmas!!
Thanks, Barbara! Obi is used to me stalking him with the camera-LOL! Hope you had a wonderful holiday too!

What a great reveal!!! Obi looks so cute in his vests from Sassy! You really received some nice presents!! Merry Christmas to you Obi and your family!!
Thank you, Debbie :). Give your crew some holiday hugs from us!

Obi I love you so much! You look so cute in your vests and Christmas sweater! Merry Christmas little buddy!!! I love that cell phone case, I think I have to get one.
Obi loves Auntie Celeta and buddy Steve :heart: you should get a Steve phone case! It's from Skinomi.

Great reveal. I love the personalized bowl.
Thanks, Walter! The bowl is wonderful - I think lucky should get one :)

Oh Obi, you are just so stinkin' handsome and smart!!! You got great presents for your SS and I just love watching your videos. Your Mommy is an amazing teacher and I know she's very proud of you. Merry Christmas little man!
Thanks a bunch, Robin :) I'm glad you liked the short video! I'm so glad you got some time to spend with your fluffs on Christmas- give them a kiss from me please :wub:

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Totally precious! Merry Christmas :) .
Thank you!!! Hope you are enjoying the holidays too :)

Oh my goodness obi you lucky lucky boy you are :) xx beautiful beautiful vests xx
I agree- Obi received wonderful gifts sent with love!

So cute. I love Obi. Such great pics and such great presents!!!

I love that phone case. Very thoughtful gift.
Thanks, Aastha :) I followed Obi around with the camera and he just wanted to play with the toy! I'm excited to meet you and adorable Gustave!

Marissa I am so happy that you and Obi like the gifts. He is such a sweet boy and easy to shop for. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Enjoy! Love all of your photos.......
Pat, you and Sassy are amazing :). We are so thankful and touched. I'll be praying for sweet Sassy. :wub2:

How adorable! What a wonderful Secret Santa!
Thanks, Maggie! Hope you and your girls are enjoying the holidays :)

Wow, such nice gifts and Obi is soooo cute as always!
Awww thanks :). I hope adorable milo and Mimi had a wonderful Christmas too ;-)

Oh Obi, as always you are just beyond precious!! :wub: I just adore your cute little face and personality!! You've always put a big smile on my face.

Marisa, I love the phone cover!! What a special gift!!!

Hope you had a wonderful 1st Christmas with your special boy!!
Thank you, Lindsay! It was certainly a special Christmas :). Your pics look so fabulous of your family- Obi sends you a holiday kiss :)

Obi has the most adorable face, and you always have him groomed so well!
He received wonderful gifts! I love the vests - so cute!
Thanks, Orla!!! I'm always amazed at Milo and your grooming of him so that means a lot! Hope you two had a wonderful Christmas! We added you guys on instagram btw!

Awesome gifts!!!
Thanks Audrey! We agree :)

Obi got spoiled big time. Having been the recipient of Sassy and Pat's Buddy gifts I know just how adorable those vests are. Tyler has a lion vest too and it's one of our favorites. I just love Merry Christmoose too. So cute!! I treasure our vests. Obi always takes terrific pictures too...actually you take the pix, he just poses perfectly. Love how much he loved the toy.:chili::chili:
Thanks Sue :) :) Tyler and Obi are certainly lucky! They should wear their lion vests together and coordinate :p

Pat and Sassy did a great job with the the vests! Love Obi's video as well!
Thank you, Donna! So glad you like the video message :)

You take such awesome pics of Obi!

Pat and Sassy....wowza!!! GREAT GIFTS!!!!

I'm so glad this was a happy Christmas for your family this year!
Thank you, Tammy!!! I'm very thankful :) life is precious! Hope baby Summer had a wonderful first Christmas with you ;).

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Love Obi!!!:wub::wub: He sure is a happy little guy and so adorable...awesome reveal!!!:chili::chili:
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