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This "sweetheart of a pit bull" was also wearing a spiked choke collar and was 13 months old. People don't get that little white fluffy dogs look like a chew toy to these larger dogs. Just as I would never let my human babies near large dogs, I do the same with my malt. It was this woman who approached me, I intentionally crossed the road to avoid her...she made it her business to "introduce" her dogs. I guess she felt they needed to be better socialized. I can't even imagine allowing an 8 week old anything to put it's paws on the ground outside school.
I still have nightmares about that dog attacking Zoey and me in Petsmart. If I hadn't grabbed under her chest and pulled her up quickly the other dog would have gotten to her neck instead of rump and I wouldn't have my little girl now.

And nothing was done about the other dog....
Originally posted by AJ+Sep 19 2005, 07:19 PM-->
@Sep 19 2005, 08:43 AM
How horrible. My beloved cat was killed by a dog in our own backyard many, many years ago. I feel so badly for your friend having to witness it. It's an awful thing to see. I still get upset when I think about my Georgie.

I always have Muzzle (mace for dogs) clipped to Lady's leash just in case. We have a pretty strict leash law here so thank heavens I have never had to use it, but I would in a heart beat if a strange dog approached us. I wouldn't even wait to see if he were friendly of not as all it takes is one shake of the neck to break it.

Some states don't allow its sale so you have to order it. I can get it here in North Carolina so if anyone has a problem, let me know.
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Thanks, I'll have to look into that so I can keep my baby safe.

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I ordered it last night!
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OH MY GOD!! The owners should sue & have this dog put down or at least tested! I do not know what I would do if ANYONE or ANY DOG hurt my little baby Cha Cha!!! I totally BLAME the IRESPONSIBLE owners!!!
I live in NYC where all dogs are walked on leashes and I am careful, but Cha Cha loves all creatures whether human or animal and kisses all! I will BE ON GUARD!!! I would die if my baby got hurt. I will say a prayer for the lost furbaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm truly very sorry for your loss!!!!!!
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How would you like to see this coming around the corner towards your Malt?

Oh, "mine" had slobber coming from his mouth in a good Cujo impersonation!
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That is just horrible. I have already said a prayer for both the little soul who now is in heaven and the owner(s) who have lost a wonderful member of the family. I have also prayed that the owner of the shepard comes to his senses and does something about his dog....and that all others will be protected.

I am sorry.
This subject reminds of something that happened many years ago... even large dogs can be attacked by less friendly ones. When I was first married, many years ago, we had two Irish Setters. We lived in an area where the lots were about an acre and our male was outside in our yard when the across the street neighbor's German Shepherd came over and attacked our Setter, Bulligan. Bulligan was shy and submissive and when the Shepherd attacked, Bulligan just stood there and let him continue!! It was horrible. My then-husband saw it happen and took a shovel and was able to get the Shepherd off of Bulligan. Luckily no skin was broken but poor Bully was so freaked out.
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I coundn't imagine losing Macy
Originally posted by saltymalty@Sep 20 2005, 07:31 AM
I am so sorry about your friends dog.  Just yesterday while I was picking up my daughter from school, Valletta was approached by two pit bulls.  I usually don't get out of the truck when I pick up my children, but today, V'dog had to poop while I was in car line.  She's such a good girl, she'll only go on grass.  So I parked off to the side and let her do her business (which I also scooped up...some parents don't, can you believe that one?)  I saw two pit bulls about 50 ft. away so I crossed the road and waited for my daughter to get her bags.  The woman with the two pit bulls actually crossed the road and followed me to "introduce" her two dogs.  The male (un-neutered) almost knocked me over trying to get to my dog.  The owner had him on the exact same lead that I use for Valletta!  Now she kept insisting that he was a "sweetheart" and how pit bulls weren't dangerous, but the look in this dog's eyes was nasty.  He didn't look sweet at all, especially when he lunged...his teeth were bared.  I've never been so scared in all my life.  I told her that I didn't appreciate her bad manners and that unless her dog is better trained, she shouldn't bring him around other people.  She said, "well, he's just a puppy."  Like that's supposed to make it excusable!  And to boot, she had an eight week old female pit bull on another lead.  Oh, and one other thing, while this dog was lunging for us, this woman's daughter..who was about 10 or so, kept squeezing Valletta's neck and legs.  I never like to speak directly to other people's children on matters of dicipline, so I said to the woman, please tell your daughter that my dog is not a toy and that squeezing small animals can hurt or kill them.  She laughed like I was joking or something.  So I said to her daughter that she was hurting my dog and that she needed to stop.  Needless to say, the kid started crying.  I told the woman, please let your daughter tourture your own animals and not mine!  Then I went to the principal and complained.  She said that they had numerous complaints about this woman and her pit bull, and to make things fair, they were going to have a no dogs allowed on campus policy.  I said that's fine with me.
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I am glad that Valetta is okay!! That's sort of what I meant by rather mean looking, big dogs. What really upsets me is when people don't have their dogs on the leash. They of course insist that they are friendly, but I would rather not have a 100+ lb dog who may get upset by my own 7 lb white "bully" retaliate. I think the leash law is there for a reason and I do not want to see any dogs - big or small -- without a leash. Its a potential threat to people, kids and other pets.
Originally posted by AJ@Sep 20 2005, 04:54 PM
All of these stories are so scary!!!!

The owners are still having a very hard time dealing with this tragedy, they miss her so much and so do I.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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I can imagine how you and her owners feel. For it to have happened so suddenly and the shock of it, it makes it even harder to handle, I think. I am just so sorry that this happened and hope that time will heal the hearts of those of you who miss her so.
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