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What I remember, and have told my 14 year old granddaughter about, is my brothers and I leaving the house summer mornings after breakfast and not having to show up again until lunchtime. We were free to roam and play and explore (AND get in trouble, too!) the whole summer. I broke my arm falling out of a chinaberry tree that we all loved to climb to get to the roofs of the garages that were at the end of each block of on-base housing at Ft. Bragg.

We would play games, form little "clubs", get a soda for a nickel if we were rich but we usually didn't have any money to spend whatsoever unless we had managed to do a special chore and save some.

We always had a car that I remember and we all got out to wash it on Saturday and that turned into play-time with my Dad. We got together with other families to go pick fresh tomatoes or go crabbing at the beach and then come home and have a feast.

My granddaughter told me she wishes she lived like that!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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