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Ok gals, let's see what all memories you have tucked in the back (way back)of your minds, from the late 40's through the 50's.

Like: Dress, Radio programs, TV programs, fads, favorite things we did, etc.

We had our 'guy's' class ring wrapped with Angora, or we put gobs of adhesive tape on it and painted the tape with nail polish.
We wore poodle skirts, penny loafers and tied scarves around our necks.
Ponytails was the hairstyle of the era.
On the radio we listened to:
Amos 'n Andy
Fibber McGhee and Molly
The Great Gildersleeve
The Shadow Knows
The Green Hornet
The Lone Ranger
We had a drive-in called 'Custer's Last Stand' where all the kids would 'hang-out' after school and in the evenings.
And Ohhhhh, all the kool cars...remember the 'glass-pack mufflers' that would just rumble when the guys would put the car in low gear?

I could go on, but I will let some of you (that can remember that far back) add more to this.

Dig deep into that ole memory gals...and guys (if you can remember that far back)

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Everyone seems to have such wonderful memories of the good old days!!!

Can anyone remember BEFORE rotary dials when the operator use to answer when you picked up the phone and say "Number please" then you would tell her
something like 4369R ?
Now that will take you back...ha ha. I can 'almost' remember that...LOL
And you are all right...we use to be able to play all day and not worry about someone grabbing us or hurting any of us.
Do you remember the first OLEO??? It was basically a plastic container of lard that had a little 'bubble' of yellow on it and you would squeeze the bubble and it would go into the lard, then you would massage the bag and 'Viola'...oleo (or margarine, whichever you like).
And the candy cigarettes, little parafin bottles with sweet liquid in them, and 'Nehi" soda pop?
Ok, your
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