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On a lighter note! Vet check!

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I need to lighten things up in my mind, and focus on the good things going on w/ my baby girl! Ponyo went to the vet a few days ago! She got her shots and got a full check up! She looks great! She also got weighed, which I was looking forward to! She is just a tad under 1.5 lbs! I love my little girl:wub:
We also taught her to play fetch! It only took her a few minutes and she LOVES it! We bought her a ball from the petstore with little soft spikes on it, so its easy for her tiny mouth to grab! She is SO cute...Chases after the ball and brings it right back! A few times, she dropped it in front of me before I commanded her to! She is a smart cookie! =)
Ponyo was supposed to go to the groomers today for a hair cut! Poor thing has some nasty matted hair (which she had when we got her, and he itchy rash is not helping!) But after the scare we had last night, I am going to put that on hold for a week or so. I sure am going to miss all that hair, my little marshamllow of love has =)
Just needed to brag a little, thanks for listening!
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Good thing you canceled that grooming appointment. Grooming salons are one of the "no no" places until Ponyo has finished her complete round of vaccinations plus two weeks for full immunity, usually around 18-20 weeks. She'll just have to live with a few more weeks of bad hair days!
good to hear everything's okay and ponyo is doing well :D aw I'm sure she's super adorable chasing after the ball and bringing it back! what a smart little girl :) I still haven't taught Yeager how to fetch yet :blush: he brings it back but doesn't drop it!! Or comes back without the ball! :smilie_tischkante: but we've got the "sit" and "stand" down :chili:
Cute story! Im trying to teach Ponyo to stand, she can do it, but doesnt understand the command just yet =)
good update on the lil one :)
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