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Open Fontanelle

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If a puppy still has an open fontanelle (not sure how large it is) at the age of seven months-what are the chances it could still close? From what I have read so far it seems if it hasn't closed by the age of 6 to 7 months it probably isn't going to close. Also it seems that these puppies growth pattern is slower and they stay smaller (I've read about puppies having growth spurts once it has closed). So does an open fontanelle affect their mental status as well as physical?
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Well, I am no authority on anything. But I do have a dog with an open fontanelle, Ava. She will be two years old next month and if I put my finger on her head i can feel the opening. I don't think it has affected her in any way. She is small.....3 lbs, but she's smart and she's healthy.
I've heard people say that if an open font is tiny (like the size of a pea) that it is okay??? I don't know much about it.
A very tiny one is not a big deal. But typically they are closed before 6 months if they are going to.
What if it is bigger? None of the vets I have seen seem to be concerned about Misto's, saying it is common in chihuahuas. As long as there isn't hydrocephalus they said, I shouldn't worry. But her opening is probably a three quarters of an inch long and a half inch wide, at 15 months.

Other than hitting her head, is there anything else I should be concerned about?
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