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Opinions about Dr. Harvey's or similar "bases"?

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I think my 18 year old other small breed dog is going to pull through his recent, second kidney episode. We will know how well by mid-week after a checkup with bloodwork. He has been on an antibiotic for almost 6 weeks, although nobody is really sure what has caused his problems.

Picky eating has been frustrating and the antibiotic may be part of the problem. We have run through lots of canned foods and kibbles, prescription and otherwise. Lately he is interested in what I am eating - such as meat, baby carrots. So though I am not going to do a full home-cooked diet, I am considering something like a freeze-dried base to which you add your own choice of protein.

Some people on a kidney forum recommend Dr. Harvey's. I would welcome any comments or suggestions of other products!
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I've used both Dr. Harvey's and The Honest Kitchen bases and both are good. My complaint about Dr Harvey was the amount of dust the mix kicked up and that it coated everything around my work area. When I asked the company about it they said that was normal and basically to deal with it so I switched to The Honest Kitchen. For Tessa, my 15+ year kidney dog, I use one of the grain free bases and mix it 50/50 with their Turkey Recipe which is what I feed to Josie. A few weeks after starting to do that, along with SP Renal Support, Naraquin, and Visbiome probiotic, her kidney values were back within the normal range. She loves the food and the supplements don't turn her away.
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