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Our beach day...

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Today is BEAUTIFUL outside! So i decited to take the doggies (and Sophia) to the beach near our house! Lucky for us it's close, so Ponyo slowly follows behind untill I give in and carry her the rest of the way!
Today she seemed excited to be at the beach. There was a man collecting clams and when he walked past us, Ponyo ran up to him, sniffing! It was cute, she never does that to anyone!
I layed out a few towels and she got comfy on them and started to nap, so I decited it was a good time to get in the water w/ Cali (who, by this time was just laying in it because she had done a huge amount of swimming!) and Sophia. We were out playing and splashing, when I hear Ponyo whining for me! (she is such a mommys girl!) before I had a change to get up to her and carry her in the water w/ us, she ran to me! Right into the water! A slight gust of water (not at all a wave, but big enough for 1.5 lbs Ponyo!) swooped her up and brought her right to me! I dont think it scared her one bit, because when we went onto the sand, she did it again and again! Despite getting under the water for a second, she loved it! :chili: Im happy to say, my little Ponyo is fitting in very well! She loves the beach!!!!!! :aktion033:
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Happy to read that it went welll and the little girl loved the beach ;) now where are the pictures :D I love beach fluffs so much.

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