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Our event status - tchelsi is sick ...

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well, tchelsi is sick. so we're stuck in "wait and see if she can even come to the show" mode. Which means we haven't even left home yet. *sigh* poor baby girl.
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Oh no!!!! I hope she feels better. Is she throwing up like Nikki did or is there something else going on?
AAAAaaaaawwwww, hope she feels better soon enough for you to go...

(((((Feel better little one))))))
Oh no, our precious little Tchelsi. Please get better soon. Hugs and prayers being sent.
Oh not my sweet Tchelsi. What's wrong? Hope she perks up soon and you can still go.:grouphug:
Oh! I'm soo sorry to hear that. The "wait and see" period is the worse. I hope she gets better soon. Keeping her in my prayers.
OMG, our poor little Tchelsi is sick, I am hoping she is her sweet and healthy little girl soon. I will say some prayers for you and her right away. I know you both were really hoping to be at the show.
Hope sweet Tchelsi girl is feeling better! xxx
Oh poor baby girl...hope she's feeling better soon!:wub:
How is she? Hope she is better now....update please.
oh no :( What does she have? i really hope that she feels better very soon and you get to all go.

No update, so I'm hoping she is ok now and you are at the show having lots of fun and meeting lots of furbutts and their mommy's and daddy's. Please update soon with either pictures of you having fun and how she is feeling. Best wishes coming your way.
As far as I know, Tchelsi is fine. We saw her at Nationals today.
Wonderful! I always worry about the babies when they're not feeling well.. :blush:
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