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Our Gigi Is Going to Dogsit...And My Stupid Night ~ LOL

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God bless our very own Gigi (gopotsgo), she is going to pick up our wee little George, and Pea Pod tomorrow.

I'm going to a convention, and will be gone for three days. Well, I have a friend, who will be staying here (staying the nights, but working during the day), and it bothers me with so many dogs. I trust my friend totally, he's helped before, and my doggies are set up with: when leaving, Raul and Coby are gated in the kitchen, LBB and Tommy are gated in their bedroom, with Jops and Franks having run of the first floor. Well with George and Pea Pod, they also have run with Jops and Franks, so I worry with "newbies" coming and going with four dogs under foot the minute they walk in the door. Two who could bolt out, just having a stranger around.

Thank you soooo much Gigi. You have no idea how this has eased my mind. You totally ROCK!! ~ :dancing banana::dancing banana::dancing banana:

Now my stupid night. Well, I call Edie. She said, "make sure the dogs have their tags". "I don't have tags, but no biggy, I'm stopping for dog food on the way home. I'll get them then" I said.

So I stop at the Feed Store on my way home. Get the food, and the tags. Get home, pull in the garage, open the back of the Jeep to retrieve the dog food. No dog food. Good Lord, that was the only reason I went to the flippin' feed store, in rush hour traffic, setting me back an entire hour! Yep, I left a 30-POUND bag of food, in the cart :HistericalSmiley:

Who does that?? ME!! That's who. So I thought, "oh man, where are the tags?" Yipeeee!! I found the tags. Too bad the wrong phone number was on them. Yep, the first three digits were my home phone, with the last four, my cell phone. :HistericalSmiley:

Oh well, had to go back anyway. LMAO

Thanks again Gigi. If not for you, easing my mind, who knows how I would represent my company at this convention. Good heavens, I'd probably come back without a job ~ :rofl:
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Oh, Deb, what a night! :grouphug: You're not the only one who does stuff like that...:smilie_tischkante:
way to go Gigi for helping out and easing dear Deb's mind ;)

lol Deb, I also do silly things sometimes.
In "too busy" days, my mind leads me to do/say stupid things; you can hear me ask: "where is my cell phone" .. then you see someone who is with me, responds with something like: "you put it on the table few seconds before asking the question"..
Deb, if it make you feel better we're all like that sometimes.

right?....everyone?......everyone??....or it could be just me....:blush:

have fun at your convention. :thumbsup:
I'm glad I'm not the only one that does things like that!

Enjoy your convention!
:wacko1::embarrassed:ur not the only one , i have gone to the store for one specific item n forget to buy it , or im looking for my phone while talking on it , now who does that ?
Sometimes I feel if my head wasn't attached to my body, I'd lose that too! :w00t: It's great that you have such a good sense of humor about everything - you have so much on your plate!

Gigi is awesome for dog-sitting. And I'm sure you'll rock at the convention! :chili:
LOL... Deb, yer a mess!!!!!! :D :D :D With all you do, how can it not be surprising that you get confused least you remember where you live!!!! ;) :D

(((((((((Big Hugs))))))))))) to Gigi for helping out!!!!!!!!!
Ummm. Deb... should you get a tag made for yourself in case you forget who you are ?!? :HistericalSmiley:

Welcome to my world, girlfriend!!!
Ummm. Deb... should you get a tag made for yourself in case you forget who you are ?!? :HistericalSmiley:

ROFL...good idea...put your home address on there too!!!! :innocent:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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