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Our new harnesses

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A few weeks ago I got two harness vest from Des. I'm very pleased with them as they're made incredibly well..the sewing is great..and the velcro is extremely sturdy- plus I think they're cute.

Here are some photos of Bisou in her vests...

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:wub::wub:Wow Wee!!!!! Bisou is looking marvelous!! And Des makes the cutest harnesses!! I just love me a little Bisou in the morning! Thanks for sharing the pics!!
First of all I have to say that Bisou would look marvelous in a paper bag! But Des does do an incredible job and all of her things are beautiful. You put the 2 together and you have perfection!
OMG, Andrea, these new vests are sooooooooooooo beautiful and Bisou looks absolutely precious in it!

Des has made them? Wow, she did a fantastic job!
Really love the one with the cherry's on!

Ullana also has a little vest and I like it very much on her!

The embroidering says: Please don't touch me!
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Those harness vests are lovely!...I absolutely LOVE that photo of Bisou in her bed with all her toys :wub: ( well I bet not "ALL"... LOL )
adorable !!! love the vest n love the fluff!
Bisou is the perfect little model........lookin' good in Des' little vests!!! I love her face in the second picture, just touches your heart~~~
I woke up this morning to your thread, look at that precious baby girl:tender: love the harnesses
she looks really cute in that outfit! I love the berry one :)
WOW Bisou looks gorgeous (I love her sweet face) and those vests fir her perfectly.
Those are adorable (just like the little model!), I love the polka dotted one! :)
Just beautiful---The vests and Bisou:wub::wub:
Beautiful harnesses and model :wub: My fav. is the dotty one.
Bisou is gorgeous in her new harness vests. Bisou is gorgeous naked. :wub: I love Des's harness vests. They are beautifully made, lined so perfectly with such a soft fabric and lovely. Dixie has the same vest as the second one of Bisou's. I think hers is trimmed in the green instead of the red? Not sure. It's a different color combo & I like it. I love the bow you have on her with it too. Where did you get it, do you recall? The picture of her in bed with some toys is too cute.
aw so cute! I love the picture of her sitting in her bed and looking over her toys, so pink and girly hehe :)
Sweet sweet pictures! Bisou is a darling model! I love the Dottie harness so much that I may need to get one or two or few for my gals!!!!! love these pics.....
There's my Bisou.:wub::wub: (If only she was my Bisou:huh:) Those vests looks totally fabulous on her. I love the polka dots and of course those berries (you know I'm a berry picking fool) are way too cute. Kudos to Des for her creativity.
Andrea, I swear that little girl of yours gets more beautiful every day. I still remember the photos of when you were first getting her and she had very little hair. Well look at her now. What a beauty!!!:good post - perfect And I love her surrounded in girlie girl pink and especially her pink camel. Our little camel suffered a terrible injury -- someone (T) broke his little neck.:huh: But of course now the better to swing the camel around with.:w00t: These boys are so rough sometimes but so funny.
Bisou looks so charming her new harnesses from Des!
I love how sharp the red looks next to her snow white coat!
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