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Our training evaluation is tomorrow

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I have interviewed several trainers, visited one place, but have decided Dog Training, Dog Obedience, Dog Trainers, Chino, Riverside, Los Angeles, CA. is hopefully going to fit all of our needs.

So, Poppy and I go tomorrow for an evaluation appointment, and for me to see their facilities. :thumbsup:

I have gone through all of the training threads here, but aside from asking for a reference for someone they have worked with that has a small dog, I am really not sure what else I am supposed to ask. They are a 5-star member of APDT, so I ASSume that means they will meet all of our needs, in that they do the right things.

Is there any other things I should ask that might not be covered by their membership with APDT?

I am sooooo excited! I can't wait for Poppy and I to work together and challenge both of us, while bringing us even closer!! :chili:

Thanks and HUGz! Jules
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I don't have any advice for you, but I'd like to wish you luck! I hope you find the perfect trainer! :D
hey jules, i hope your training evaluation went well! i am not familiar with the facility you picked but my trainer did recommend someone in your area and said she is "excellent". i trust my trainer implicitly and have done several private and group training sessions with her. here is the contact info:

Barbara Davis
BADDogsInc Family Dog Training and Behavior

EDIT TO ADD phone number: 951-283-2101
Tami, thanks for the link ... will check it out for sure!!

HUGz! Jules
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