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Originally posted by Nichole@Nov 18 2004, 03:34 PM
So I took 2happymalts' advice (thank you) and I called.  I asked to speak to the office manager and told her that I no longer wanted to see that particular vet.  She was like, "Okay."  Then I said that I didn't appreciate his attitude and she was still like, "Okay."  I could tell from her tone that she was just not at all interested.  So I guess no one there really cares.  Grrr!  I may just start looking for another vet.
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I think I would look for another vet. What if your baby were really sick and you needed a "partner" to make him/her well? You want someone who you can communicate with and who cares..... Check with friends and acquaintances and get recommendations.

Many years ago I was looking for a vet for Rosebud, my first Maltese, who is now dearly departed. There was a vet near my house that I had planned to use, mainly because of the convenient location. So I called a woman who was a vet across town, who I knew from my women's professional group and asked her for a recommendation and she said all vets in town were great except for one... and that was the one! Then I asked someone else who is a vet tech and he said dogs die at high rates at that vet! Then I see his name in the newspaper that he gave PCP or something toxic like that to his wife.... SO, what if I had gone there innocently ... not knowing all this?

So, bottom line, get some recommendations and find someone you have a great rapport with. It can make all the difference when you really need it.
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