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Originally posted by Maltese Adora-Belle@Sep 13 2005, 11:06 AM
It took a long time but Belle finally fell asleep.  I caled the Vet at home around 9 p.m because she still wasn't calming down.  He had me give her 1/2 capsule of Benedryl and after about 45 mins. she slowly quieted down.  This morning she is still exhausted but quiet.  When the vet calls me to check on her I will be asking him what to do in the future.  If I shut her in bedroom in crate with soothing music and she can hear the kids I think she will still get too excited and frustrated too.  If I let her out to see them and then put her away I think the same will happen.  I will let you know what the vet says for future visits.  I hope she outgrows this! I am glad that great-grandchildren don't come over very often (I love seeing them but not at the expense of Belle getting this upset).  I will have to go to their home.
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How about if the kids and Belle play in an extremely relaxed manner like just petting and quiet talk?
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