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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and mostly joined because I am worried about my pup Ollie. I got him when he was 8 weeks and now suddenly at 10 weeks I have noticed an overbite. At first it was fairly unnoticeable, but now its getting apparent. I spoke to the breeder and neither of his parents seem to have it!

Have any of you guys had this experience?

How likely is it to correct itself as he grows up? I tried very hard to get him from a reliable breeder :(

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I'm not sure if it will correct itself, but I have a friend who bought a toy poodle from a show breeder and she had a pretty bad overbite. It did not affect her at all--was just a cosmetic defect.
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Welcome to Spoiled Maltese! We are glad to have you join our maltese family!
8 weeks old is definitely too young for a maltese to be taken away from its mommy. The AKC standard is 12 weeks. No reliable breeder would let a maltese be adopted at 8 weeks old. Those extra 4 weeks are so important for development. With that said, Ollie is yours now, and I'm sure you only want whats best for him and are providing a loving home for the little guy. Maltese are known to have dental issues . I'm not sure if Ollies overbite will contribute to additional issues for his teeth. Please stay on top of this if he doesn't outgrow his overbite. We here at SM LOVE to see pictures and would love if you could post one of your little guy.
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